An easy step towards a Green Star build

An easy step towards a Green Star build

An easy step towards a Green Star build

Every percentage point counts when you’re working towards Green Star carbon reduction targets. 5 and 6 star Green Star projects require 20% upfront carbon reduction, and from 2026, 4 star projects will require the same. Opt2Act® is a simple way to reduce the embodied emissions of your overall build by up to 7%.

If you choose to Opt2Act®, we make your specified materials carbon neutral

Siniat specified materials carbon neutral

How it works

Siniat Specifier

You specify

Siniat Opt2Act carbon neutral products and systems.

Siniat Truck

We supply

products via our distribution network to the project site.

Siniat distributor

We work with our customers

to determine the final quantities of materials used.

Siniat offset

We offset

embodied emissions, certifying your materials carbon neutral under Climate Active.


Opt2Act® plasterboard and metal is a low cost option compared with other low-carbon building initiatives



Typical reduction in overall embodied carbon
Typical increase to overall project cost*
Commerical office fit-out
Residential apartment new build
Commercial office new build
Results from independent benchmarking
*Surcharge for offsetting
Siniat Metal 5c per linear metre for metal Siniat plasterboard 20c per m2 for plasterboard


Barangaroo South Residential Waterfront

Barangaroo South Residential Waterfront

Barangaroo South Residential Waterfront

Developer  Lendlease

Successfully  reduced 20% upfront carbon emissions

Siniat provided carbon-neutral plasterboard for Lendlease’s Barangaroo South Residential Waterfront project in 2015, supporting them in reaching their goal of 20% reduction of upfront carbon emissions.

One Sydney Harbour

One Sydney Harbour

One Sydney Harbour

Developer  Lendlease

Targeting  5 Star Green Star

Siniat is supplying Opt2Act carbon neutral plasterboard and metal products to help Lendlease reduce the embodied carbon of this cutting edge development.

Siniat reduces the embodied carbon of our 
materials across the entire product life cycle

Siniat locally made

Locally made

Nearly all our products are made locally, and we’re the only local manufacturer with a carbon neutral program for both plasterboard and metal.

Lower Emissions

Lower emissions

Our current initiatives are projected to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions intensity (Scope 1 and 2) by 25% from 2018 levels, on track for our reduction target of 35% by 2030.

Closing the loop

Closing the loop

Both our plasterboard and metal products are recyclable.

Siniat materials are already
the responsible choice

Responsible plasterboard



on-site solar

We’ve installed on-site solar at our Altona and Matraville plants.

Formulated to reduce energy

Our plasterboard is formulated to reduce energy and water demand, and emissions intensity.

Zero waste to landfill

We’re on track to achieve zero waste to landfill across our operations by 2030.

Plasterboard recycling system

On-site plasterboard recycling systems are installed at our Altona and Matraville plants for our production scrap.

Responsible metal framing



Siniat 25% recycled metal content

All steel in our metal products contains 25% recycled content.

Siniat minimise offcuts

We manufacture custom sizes to minimise offcuts.

recycle all onsite steel waste

We recycle all onsite steel waste.

reduced production scrap waste by 50%

We’ve reduced production scrap waste by 50% since 2016, and are exploring new ways to conserve materials and energy.

tailored solutions

We provide tailored solutions to help customers dematerialise their projects without compromising performance.

more than 20% since 2016

We have decreased the intensity of electricity consumption of our Beenleigh production operations by more than 20% since 2016.

Siniat Opt2Act

When you Opt2Act, we amplify your climate ambition by making your 
materials carbon neutral, using high quality carbon credits that support these 
essential projects:


Jandra and Nulty Native Forest Regeneration

Jandra and Nulty Native Forest Regeneration

Restoring forests on degraded land, while generating revenue for regional communities.

Climate Active

Mount Mulgrave Savanna Fire Management

Mount Mulgrave Savanna Fire Management

Reducing the risk of rampant wildfires, creating opportunities for local landowners.

Prony and Kafeete Wind Power

Prony and Kafeete Wind Power 
New Caledonia

Building clean energy in a region vulnerable to climate impacts.

Sustainability is built into our business

Sustainability is built into our business

Sustainability is built into our business

We’ve been reducing our environmental impact for over a decade, and our ambitions are backed by the Etex Road to Sustainability 2030.

Our plants uphold Triple ISO certification and we ensure transparency and alignment with our objectives through Environmental Product Declarations and Modern Slavery Statement.

We’re committed to reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity by 35% by 2030, compared with 2018.