Siniat Interhome is a separating wall system that contains a central fire barrier built between timber or steel house frames. This central barrier is composed of one layer of 25 mm Shaftliner or Intershield, which offers robust fire and sound insulation performance. The only difference between Shaftliner and Intershield is the mould and water resistance offered by Intershield, which can help to prevent mould from forming on interstitial structures during construction.

Compared to other separating wall systems, Interhome offers easier installation because it allows non-fire rated installation of internal linings and non-fire rated penetrations of the wall linings during construction. Shaftliner and Intershield are also much lighter in weight than other similar products and preferred by contractors and builders.

Interhome is available for both low-rise projects (e.g. townhouses and duplexes) and high-rise projects (e.g. apartments and hotels).

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