– FAR 4659


Report FAR 4659 lists the Group Number and Average Specific Extinction Area of all Siniat wall and ceiling linings in accordance with AS 5637.1 : 2015.

Download the report here.

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) regulates the fire hazard properties of lining materials in Class 2 to 9 buildings according to Specification C1.10. Wall and ceiling linings must have a low enough group number for use in certain areas depending on the Class of building. The group number indicates how quickly wall and ceiling linings spread fire with Group 1 products the slowest and Group 4 the fastest. Wall and ceiling linings in some buildings must also have an Average Specific Extinction Area less than 250 m2/kg.

All Siniat wall and ceiling linings tested had an Average Specific Extinction Area of <250 m2/kg as required by S7C4 of the NCC [2019: C1.10 Clause 4].


  Group No.
Siniat Mastashield 1
Siniat Spanshield 1
Siniat Watershield 1
Siniat Soundshield 1
Siniat Fireshield 1
Siniat Multishield 1
Siniat Impactshield 1
Siniat Opal 1
Siniat Trurock 1
Siniat Shaftliner 1
Siniat Intershield 1
Siniat Creason & Siniat Createx 1

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