Siniat has a large library of CAD details for all types of systems. Some of these files are now available and can be downloaded for free. 
For more files or custom design drawing, please call our Technical Service Team on 1300 724 505.

Siniat Revit API

Siniat Revit APi

Revit® users can filter and select from over 650,000 Siniat pre-qualified systems and add to a project directly from within Autodesk Revit®.

Archicad Overview

Archicad model for any Siniat system

Archicad users can download the Archicad model of any Siniat System directly from Siniat’s online System Selector or Siniat SELECT without the need to install any add-in to their Archicad software.

Siniat CAD Details Internal Steel Stud walls

CAD Details - Internal Steel Stud Walls

CAD Details - Internal Steel Stud Walls

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