The Siniat Story

Early in 2021 the global, lightweight construction brand Siniat was established in Australia, but our business has been around for much longer. What is the story behind the brand and our company?

The history

Etex is an established international building materials company led by its purpose: inspiring ways of living. As a global business, it wants to build living spaces that are ever more safe, sustainable, smart and beautiful.

Etex was founded in 1905 in Belgium and have a global presence with more than 13,500 teammates in over 140 sites across 45 operating countries.

Siniat is one of the Etex Group’s flagship commercial brands, and one of the leading global manufacturers of interior and exterior materials for drywall construction.

The Etex Group started its own drywall initiative in 1957, but the true breakthrough came in 2011, when Etex gradually acquired Lafarge plasterboard activities in Europe, Latin America and Africa and rebranded them Siniat.

In Australia, Siniat was previously known as Knauf Plasterboard and Lafarge Plasterboard before that. The Australian business was first established as a joint venture between Pioneer International and Lafarge Gypsum in 1988, and Lafarge took full ownership in 1999. In 2011 the Knauf Group purchased the business from Lafarge.

The metal side of the business was established in July 2014 when Knauf Plasterboard also acquired Peer Industries, a leading privately owned manufacturer of metal systems for the building and construction industry.

In 2021 the Etex Group purchased the business from the Knauf group, and rebranded all plasterboard and metal systems and services to Siniat.

The offering

Siniat is a key supply partner on thousands of construction projects around the world. The brand is renowned for providing innovative plasterboard products and has become a trusted partner in developing sustainable answers to the demand for more and better living spaces.

Siniat is one of the strongest drivers in the Etex Group to fulfil the Etex purpose of ‘Inspiring ways of living’.

Siniat prides itself on being known for collaborating with the customer in planning larger projects and for creating innovative smart solutions that suit their needs. In Australia we take pride in being the only manufacturer of lightweight wall and ceiling solutions to offer full systems to the market.

Siniat benefits from Etex’s research and development centres across the globe, and can offer its customers the latest technology in lightweight construction systems.

In Australia our products and systems are rigorously tested to comply with the relevant building codes and standards.


Siniat is committed to the business’s sustainability goals and commitment to sustainable development. The Carbon Neutral Opt-in Program is certified under the Australian Government's Climate Active initiative, and is now available for a wide range of locally made plasterboard and metal products. To find out more about the offering, send email to

The Etex Group unveiled its first ever Sustainability Report in 2021, and it was a strong sustainability commitment from the business. It formalised the Group’s sustainability ambitions, initiatives and processes.

The 2021 Sustainability Report was published in October 2022, and along with it Etex has further pledged to be an agent of change in the sustainable building sector by announcing its “Road to Sustainability 2030” . The plan outlines Etex’s vision to help build a better, sustainable future. Read more here.

At Siniat Australia we will continue to improve our sustainability offering by working with government regulations, adhering to industry requirements, improving effective waste management and energy saving strategies and participating in formal certification processes.

The future

We are looking forward to building the Siniat brand in Australia. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any future announcements, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated.

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