Sustainability Awards Finalist: The National Throws Centre of Excellence

Sustainability Awards Finalist: The National Throws Centre of Excellence

The National Throws Centre of Excellence in Brisbane by Phillips Smith Conwell with Fabritecture and XLam is one of the finalists in the Public Building category of this year’s Sustainability Awards.

Siniat is the proud sponsor of this category this year.

We spoke to senior architect Andrew Caldwell about the project and achieving their sustainability goals.

Congratulations to you and your team for making the shortlist! Was sustainability always an important consideration in the design of this project?

We asked our client, Stadiums Queensland, if they would consider designing this project to be certified as carbon neutral to Climate Active standards early in the project. We were also keen to include other sustainability features for low energy usage, rainwater storage and natural non-mechanical ventilation.

What were the unique challenges you had to overcome with this project?

Challenges include complying with World Athletics sport requirements for flat floors surfaces with minimal steps to the surrounding area, and siting of the building considering throwing implement landing zones.

Being a sports centre, the project has an inherent focus on people and wellness. Was “social sustainability” a consideration in the design?

Natural ventilation, natural materials and shade help to promote wellbeing for the athletes and para-athletes using the building. Access to the building is not fenced, so while the building is occupied it feels unrestricted to the users and the public.

Sustainability is becoming a strong driver in architecture and the construction industry. Do you think suppliers and manufacturers are doing enough to deliver sustainable building materials that are also cost-effective to the market?

With the world moving towards a carbon neutral future, manufacturers will need to demonstrate their environmental credentials to be competitive in the industry. Verifiable supply chain of materials and credible materials sustainability reporting to are important for architects to specify the supplier’s materials.

What will winning an Award with a sustainability focus mean for you and your team?

Sustainability is important to Phillips Smith Conwell and this project shows how we put these principles in action. The Queensland Government have committed to delivering a Climate Positive Games for the Brisbane Olympics in 2032 and this facility serves as a test case for the sustainable delivery of sporting facilities in the lead up to the Olympics.

Photography by Angus Martin

Sustainability Awards Finalist: The National Throws Centre of Excellence
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