Explore our latest whitepapers

Explore our latest whitepapers

In 2023 Siniat partnered with Architecture & Design for the research and development of industry related whitepapers.

These whitepapers offer interesting background and solutions on various topics that are relevant to professionals in the construction industry, including builders, architects and building designers.

2023 saw the publication of the below whitepapers. Click on the links to download them from our website.

Seismic design of suspended ceilings: What you need to know about the National Construction Code, AS 1170.4 and AS/NZS 2785

In this whitepaper we explore the impact of earthquakes on non-structural building components and the standards and regulations governing the seismic design of suspended ceilings. In particular, we highlight the key seismic requirements in the National Construction Code and AS 1170.4, and the 2020 changes to AS/NZS 2785. Lastly, we briefly discuss how building systems are tested for seismic compliance.

Fire Hazard Properties & Non-Combustibility: A Guide for Internal Walls & Ceiling Linings

An essential guide to the fire performance requirements for internal wall and ceiling linings under the NCC 2022 Vol. 1. We take a deep dive on fire hazard properties and Group Numbers, non-combustibility requirements, and how they relate to the FRL of the entire wall or ceiling system. We also consider the accepted test methods for assessing the fire performance of building materials, with references to the relevant Australian standards.

Ventilated facade systems & rigid air barriers: An effective strategy for weather protection & energy efficiency

This whitepaper examines the design of ventilated facades in more detail with a special focus on why rigid air barriers are the best choice for this type of facade system. To protect the supporting structure from water intrusion, a weather-resistant, vapour-permeable membrane or barrier is almost always added to the exterior of the insulating product. For ventilated facades, the choice is often between a flexible wall wrap or a rigid air barrier, with the latter often delivering superior performance and a robust installation.

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