Shaftliner is a 25mm fire resistant plasterboard made with a gypsum core with recycled blue liner paper. Shaftliner has been designed for elevator systems and other shafts and ducts in multi-level constructions. It is also used in the central fire barrier of the Interhome system. 

When used in a system, Shaftliner can help meet the fire rating requirements for walls and ceilings required by the NCC (National Construction Code). 

Siniat Shaftliner has been independently certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A and is available under the Siniat Opt-in Carbon Neutral Program.

Please note that not all sizes listed in the table below are available in all locations - please refer to your supplier for all available sizes in your region. Special sizes and other edge types available, minimum order quantity and lead times may apply.

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  • Used in systems such as Interhome and Shaftwall to provide fire and acoustic separation.
  • Used as a component in specialist commercial systems such as horizontal shaft walls and column and beam protection systems.
  • Can be used in commercial, industrial or residential applications where an FRL is required.


  • Fire-resistant solution
  • Good acoustic performance

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