Archicad Models for Siniat Systems

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Archicad Models for Siniat Systems

You can search for a Siniat system that meets your architectural requirements (e.g. FRL, Rw, Rw + Ctr ratings, etc.) and optionally add a framing design to suit your project specific structural requirements in Siniat’s online System Selector.

If you have already registered for Siniat SELECT you can also add the selected Siniat system to your Siniat SELECT Project Proposal. You can also create your own Siniat system from scratch or modify an existing system using System Maker.

Select the required Siniat system in System Selector or Project Proposal, and click on the Archicad sub-menu within the BIM menu. This will open a new page – please follow the instructions in the page to download the Archicad Building Information Modelling (BIM) object.

**Please note that only Archicad 21 and later versions are supported.