Siniat sponsors series on popular podcast

Siniat sponsors series on popular podcast

Siniat’s National Architectural Manager, Nazli Almasirad and Head of Carbon and Circularity with Perspektiv Australia, Patrick Jeannerat recently combined their expertise for an episode on the popular podcast Talking Architecture & Design. The podcast is hosted by Architecture & Design. It was launched in 2017 and is described as the “first B2B podcast that delves into the who, what, why, when and where of the Built Environment”.

This year Siniat is proudly sponsoring an Aged & Healthcare series on the podcast, and the first episode of the series focused on the multilayered benefits of specifying the right building materials in aged and healthcare design.

In this episode Nazli and Patrick discussed the various modern trends in aged and healthcare, focusing on the importance of healing architecture, acoustics and the indoor comfort of residents, patients and employees.

Sustainability was also highlighted as an emerging trend. “Embodied carbon in construction materials is becoming a strong emerging focus area,” Patrick said, adding that the focus is shifting from energy efficiency to reducing the embodied carbon in building materials.

“Design guidelines encourage environmentally conscious design, so we will expect to see more integration of green spaces, natural light and of course the use of sustainable materials. Together these elements are going to contribute to residents' wellbeing, their quality of life and the longevity of the building,” Nazli added.

Nazli said manufacturers need to be environmentally responsible and focus on helping customers meet their sustainability goals. She explained how Siniat’s Opt2Act carbon neutral program works and how opted-in products can help reduce the embodied carbon of a project.

“It’s clear we cannot continue to design and build the way that we have always done. There is an increased focus on design elements such as airtightness, weathertightness, and using more resilient products,” Nazli added.

Click here to listen to the full episode.

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