Multishield now also offers mould resistance

Siniat’s multipurpose board Multishield now has the added benefit of mould resistance, making it a versatile and robust board that can truly withstand the onslaught of the elements and fire.

Multishield is known in the market as a combination of Fireshield and Watershield, offering the fire- and water-resistant properties of both products. It also has good acoustic properties. We have now added mould inhibitor to Multishield as standard, adding the benefit of superior mould resistance to this board.

Typically Fireshield is recommended to laminate the central fire barrier in the Interhome system, but under wet conditions Fireshield can be susceptible to mould. We therefore recommend using mould resistant Multishield in such conditions. In combination with mould resistant Intershield, Multishield provides superior protection against mould forming on the central fire barrier during construction.

Mould growth in the central barriers of party wall systems is a serious problem for builders in the construction of townhouses and duplexes. It often results in unsightly mould which can cause concern and requests for mould removal, which can add to the cost of the project. The combination of Multishield and Intershield provides the ultimate protection against this issue.

Other applications

Mould resistant Multishield is also useful when used in buildings such as hospitals. For a variety of reasons, water still often enters these buildings during construction and even after enclosure stage, and using mould resistant plasterboard offers an extra layer of protection.

Other applications of Multishield include wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets and laundries; and external walls behind cladding where an FRL (Fire Resistance Level) is required. It is also used for internal linings in residential, commercial or industrial applications where a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) and added water resistance are required.

Multishield performs well where acoustic properties are also required.

Image: Mould growing on interstitial structures during construction is a serious concern for townhouse builders.

Multishield now also offers mould resistance
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