How is Blueprint different?

The Blueprint Technical Manual is now easier to use digitally. According to Ben Wright, Technical Services Manager and the driving force behind Blueprint, the technical manual is regularly updated with new information and construction details and optimised for digital use.

“The way we use technical manuals has changed," Ben said. "We need to think of it not as a static document that is updated every couple of years, but a dynamic manual that changes with us and our customers.”

“We take the questions and feedback we get from customers into consideration and are forever adding information and construction details to the Blueprint. Our latest version has well over 700 pages, and it’s likely to keep growing,” Ben added.

How is it different?

The current version of Blueprint has been updated with a modernised layout and images, and reintroduces timber frame systems. It also includes more installation and construction details.

The Siniat Jamb Stud system and design tables are a new addition, and Blueprint also contains information and details on external wall framing systems and X-Block.

Digitally optimised

“We want to promote the digital use of Blueprint, because it’s the way of the future,” Ben said. “Blueprint has been optimised for digital use, and interactive hyperlinks, quick links and QR codes make it very easy to navigate.

“One of the best features of the Blueprint is that it can be downloaded on a mobile phone, which means that users can have all the information in their back pocket. Because we ask for contact details when the Blueprint is downloaded, we can also easily let everyone know when a new version becomes available.”

It’s also possible to download individual sections if the complete Blueprint is not required.

Watch this video for an overview of the updated Blueprint.

Will Blueprint still be printed?

Yes, printed copies are available. Complete the form here and indicate your preference for a printed copy on the next page.

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