What does GreenTag certification mean?

The Siniat range of plasterboard products has been certified to Version 4.0 of Global GreenTag’s GreenRate certification.

Global GreenTag is a robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabel. Their GreenRate program is a product rating system designed to meet the requirements of the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star® ‘Sustainable Products’ credits.

“We are very proud of having achieved the GreenRate Level A for our range of locally made plasterboard (comprising of Trurock and Trurock HD, Mastashield, Fireshield, Watershield, Spanshield, Soundshield, Multishield, Curveshield, Shaftliner and Intershield),” said Etex Regional WHS and Sustainability Manager (APAC) Kathryn Walker. Etex Australia is the manufacturer of locally made Siniat products.

(Certificates are available for download here.)

These Siniat products have all achieved GreenRate Level A certification under the latest Version 4.0 Standard, which equates to 100% of the credit points available in Green Star rating tools’ Sustainable Products credits. Level B equates to 75% and Level C equates to 50%.

“It’s not easy to achieve a Level A certification,” Kathryn explains. “Products are assessed across a range of attributes including toxicity, health effects and safety, whether they are ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ such as for acoustic performance, as well as environment and social responsibility in manufacturing operations.”

The certification process includes evaluating a product and its ingredients at various stages considering a wide range of aspects which can include resource use, waste reduction, availability of greenhouse and water footprints.

GreenTag Certifications are approved for a three year period, but renewed annually with manufacturer ingredient and supply chain consistency declarations and review.

Why do we get our products certified?

“Sustainability is very important to Etex Australia and we have society and the environment in mind with everything we do. Having GreenTag certification for a range of our top Siniat products supports us in achieving our sustainability objectives,” Kathryn says.

Kathryn adds that third party certification has become a standard requirement for specifiers who build towards Green Star ratings. “The certification means that our customers can be assured that our products tick all the Green Star boxes.”

A wide range of locally made plasterboard and metal products is also available under the Siniat Carbon Neutral Opt-in Program. More info here.

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