Siniat's own screw anchor range

Siniat can offer everything you need to install our systems – right down to the last detail – with our very own Screw Anchor Range.

The Siniat Screw Anchor Range has been designed for use with Siniat’s steel wall framing and ceiling frame systems to provide a complete framing solution from one manufacturer with full certification.

Because the Siniat Screw Anchor range is an integral part of the full Siniat system performance, it is essential for the Siniat Warranty and engineering certification.

Unique in the industry

The Siniat Warranty is unique in the industry. The Warranty does not only guarantee the products, but the whole wall and ceiling systems (when Siniat products make up a full system and are installed according to our recommendations). By incorporating Siniat’s screw anchors into your design, you can enjoy full peace of mind knowing that you are covered!

Siniat also offers full engineering design compliance certifications on each of the projects we design.

Product details

Siniat’s Screw Anchors are made of robust carbon steel and zinc-plated and are available in three shaft lengths: 45, 60 and 65 mm. The Screw Anchors are ETA certified and comply with AS 5216:2018 Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete. (Read more about AS 5216 in our blog

Our screw anchors are compatible with the following substrates:

• Cracked and uncracked concrete for wall, floor and overhead applications • Autoclaved aerated concrete for walls • Solid brick for walls

They are suitable for use in the following loads:

• Static loads • Quasi-static load • Seismic C1 load certified • Fire resistance loads

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